Bank owners want to reschedule loans without downpayment

ডাউনপেমেন্ট ছাড়া ঋণ পুনঃতফসিল চান ব্যাংক মালিকরা

The Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB), an organization representing bank owners, wants additional benefits in repaying loans to traders. They want the opportunity to reschedule all ongoing loans for a period of three years without downpayment of even 1 taka. It is proposed to increase the two-year period given by the central bank to three years to repay the existing term loans.

The demand was made in a letter to the governor of Bangladesh Bank last Thursday.

In a circular issued on January 31, Bangladesh Bank said that the facility of being free from default without repaying the loan will not be extended. However, in order to reduce the pressure on traders to pay the installment amount, they have been given the opportunity to increase the amount by 50 per cent of the remaining term or whichever is less in two years. And it has been asked to follow the existing policy of repaying loans disbursed under ongoing loans and incentives. BAB has demanded amendment of this circular.

According to the BAB letter, 75 to 80 per cent of the total loans are ongoing or call-up loans. However, nothing was said in the circular dated January 31. As a result, businesses and manufacturers affected by the Corona have to repay the ongoing debt in one go. If no one does, it will be considered as expired or defaulted on January 1, 2021. In the current situation, most of the traders will default if they fail to pay the accumulated interest-profit in one year. You will lose the ability to get bank loan facilities to run your business. In such a situation, there will be a stalemate in the business of the country. Therefore, it has been proposed to reschedule the repayable portion of the ongoing loan for a minimum of three years as a term loan through zero downpayment. The letter further demanded that the remaining term of the term loan be extended to three years instead of two years. In the case of loans with very short maturity, it will be difficult to repay large sums in a short period of time. As a result, there is a danger that a large part of them will turn into unintentional defaulters. In such a situation, it has been demanded to extend it for a minimum of three more years.

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